Combonate Media Group, Inc. is a community oriented media company located in the Seattle, Washington area that is dedicated to the production of television/video programming of interest and benefit to the communities and audience we serve. We are a content provider of positive, locally focused hometown television programming to mainly small and suburban markets. Our programming promotes and highlight’s the people, businesses, schools, government, safety officials, service groups, places, attractions and events of a community or specific region. We develop other television and video programming for specific markets and interests. We work with local production/video companies to develop such programming or develop it on our own.

We operate and manage local news, information and entertainment channels delivered to the audience via low power TV, leased access cable TV channels, Broadcast TV, Closed circuit TV, LCD/Plasma Displays and the Internet.

Combonate Media Group, Inc. dba Action Guys Productions offers consumers and businesses, a wide range of video production services to such as Weddings, Legal, Memories, Corporate, Promotional, Sports, Internet Broadcasting, Video Tape and DVD Duplication, Etc.

The mission of Combonate Media Group, Inc. is to create programming and services of interest, benefit and value to our customers and viewers. The keys to our success is to provide positive, informational, local programming to the communities we serve by creating local hometown television of the events, the people, the businesses, governments, schools, community service groups and churches in the area. We form partnerships to combine the power of TV, Internet, Radio and Print as an advertising medium.

We are a TV production company.
We are a video production company
We are a new media company
We are a programming company
We are a community service company

Combonate Media Group, Inc. provides programming to:

Low Power TV Stations-LPTV
Leased Access Cable TV Stations
Public, Educational and Government Channels
Broadcast TV Stations
Digital TV Stations
Internet TV Channels/Streaming Media Websites
Photo Advertising Channels
Real Estate Channels

Our local community oriented television programming promotes:

1. Local Businesses
2. Local Industries
3. Local Government
4. Local Schools
5. Local Churches
6. Local Service Organizations
7. Local Chamber of Commerce’s
8. Local Clubs
9. Local Police, Fire and Safety Officials
10. Local Sports-Schools, Leagues
11. Local Recreation
12. Local Health
13. Local Activities
14. Local Tourism
15. Local Events
16. Local Festivals
17. Local Fair’s
18. Local Play’s
19. Local Talent
20. Local Parades

We publish TV Guides, Tourist Guides, Shoppers and Coupon Books and work with radio stations for further promotional and advertising opportunities. At Combonate we Formulate, Calculate, Combinate, Exclamate, Celebrate !

We are working on some exciting projects in the State of Washington. We are looking for entrepreneurial, enthusiastic, creative type people to join our team, to help build and grow our company by serving your community. For further information write, e-mail or call.

Duane Polich
Combonate Media Group, Inc.
P.O. Box 37
Bellevue, WA 98009